tooled sperrys cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of J. Mohon Custom Leather……

Leather mocs are nothing new to the world of western fashion. However, people like J. Mohon Custom Leather that are pretty handy with the stuff they get from Tandy have added an edge to casual wear. These masters of their trade have come up with some beautiful creations that I just couldn’t pass up.


Photo courtesy of Lazy R Leather

I’m pretty sure every man that spends time in a barn owns a pair of the Twisted X Driving Mocs….and that’s not an exaggeration! Lazy R Leather did a great job of spicing up this cowboy’s wardrobe a little bit!


Photo courtesy of Jason Becker Custom Leather

These babies are a personal favorite! …partially because they’re mine! Remember that phobia I have of “black and brown make a frown?” Thanks to Jason Becker Custom Leather, I wear these with EV-ER-Y-THING…even black!


Photo courtesy of Lazy R Leather

Oh sweet summertime…. These however are not mine (at least not yet) but I’m thinking one day they just might have to be! Another creation by Lazy R Leather.


Photo courtesy of Annie Jackson Leather

Sweet little tooled baby mocs! ALSO, not mine! But if ever the day comes that I need such a shoe, I will be on the hunt for Annie Jackson Leather!