leatherandvodka kl kropik cowgirl magazine

leatherandvodka kl kropik cowgirl magazine

Revamped couture bags have quickly become the must-have in the world of western fashion. If you take one look at The Original Leatherandvodka by KL Kropik, it won’t take long to understand why. These stunning hand-crafted bags are completely unique, creative, and fab! The artist really puts her own personal spin on her work and you can find reassurance in the fact that you will probably never see someone else with your same exact bag!


Planning on being gone for a while? The Geronimo is big enough for you to fit everything in and still looks the part.


The crossbody is perfect for someone that has a few necessities but doesn’t need the larger bag to bring with them everywhere.


Well that’s certainly not a purse…but it sure is cute! Be sure and look into this amazing creation by KL Kropik.


Want to add a little more flair to your bag? Ask about custom tooling the straps to add that personal touch that’s just right for you.