rain cowgirl magazine

With the arrival of spring, comes lots of rain. This season can be very wet, depending on where you live. Most are familiar with the various conditions that horses can get from the wet weather. They range from skin fungus to hoof infections! It can be tricky to know whether you should turnout your horse in the rain.

Inside or Out?

Most horses don’t mind rain and will be fine on the occasional wet day. You should consider the following though.

  • What’s the temperature? A cold rain can make it difficult for your horse to stay warm.
  • Is there a risk of storms? Fallen trees and even being struck by lightning can be a real problem.
  • Do you have a run-in shelter? If you have a way for your horse to escape the rain, then they will likely be fine.
  • Can you put a sheet on them? There are waterproof sheets that will keep the rain off of their back, especially if it’s colder.
  • Are they susceptible to skin fungus? Some horses are more prone to rain rot, scratches, and thrush. They may do better inside.
  • Does your horse do good in a stall? Some become anxious and pace or weave, while others enjoy the time to munch on hay.

You’ll need to check the severity of the weather, the temperature, and evaluate your individual horse’s needs.