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If you’re looking for more precision when you ride, then you’ll need to develop strong leg cues. Your seat and hands can also help guide your horse in the beginning, but ultimately your legs have much more control. You’ll be able to direct your horse’s shoulders, ribcage, and hindquarters with three simple cues.

Leg Cues for A Successful Ride

Dave Billotte and his horse Blackhawk show you the three leg cues in this Weaver video.

  1. Right at the girth area, behind the shoulder, is the first cue that moves the horse’s shoulder.
  2. Slightly behind that one is your next cue to move the ribcage.
  3. And the last one is a little further back, right where the rear cinch would go. This aid controls the hindquarters.

For a visual demonstration, check the video below…

You may have to help your horse in the beginning with some rein cues, but in time they’ll become tuned in to your leg cues by themselves.