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Attention all Pendleton Round-Up fans! Grab some popcorn and kick back to watch the Let’Er Buck movie! This is the best way to get geared up for this year’s rodeo! Check out the trailer:

The countdown to the Round-Up is on! You can watch the full documentary by clicking here!

Here’s the film description:

“For seven days the little town of Pendleton, Oregon bursts alive to put on one of most legendary rodeos and Wild West pageants in the world- the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Night Show. Over a century old, this all-volunteer show is a veritable living history propelled by the indomitable spirits of the local families whose heritage stretches back to the very roots of the American West. Let’er Buck tells the astonishing history and inspiring stories of the local families and American Indians from past to present-day as they come together to put on one of the greatest shows on earth.”

Taken from leterbuckmovie.com
Photo courtesy of leterbuckmovie.com

The documentary film highlights so many things! From the in’s and out’s of how to put on one of the most legendary rodeos to its impact on the city of Pendleton—this movie tells the story of it all.

Photo courtesy of leterbuckmovie.com

By the moving way of Let’Er Buck, more rodeos should be documented on film! It’s amazing to see the impact this sport has on a town and community.

Photo courtesy of leterbuckmovie.com

After watching this film, you’ll be sure to appreciate the beauty of the Round-Up and the value of rodeos for their hometowns.