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Are you planning on going out of town but unsure of what to do with your beloved ponies? A trusted horse sitter is the way to go. You can have them stay overnight or just stop a couple of times a day to feed! As a pet sitter myself, here are some tips to make it easier on both sides as you go on vacation! 

  1. Have the pet sitter stop by beforehand because:
    • You both can ensure they know how to get to your place. It beats the frantic phone call your first night out of town!
    • They know where everything is and who everyone is.
  2. Create a direction list for your pet sitter. The more detailed the better! Even if your pet sitter stopped by beforehand, sometimes it can be easy to forget. It’s easier for both parties because the majority of questions can be answered with the directions. Therefore, the pet sitter does not have to worry about bothering you or you do not have to worry about always checking your phone for them. 
  3. Create a contract. When a contract is created, it lays out the expectations for both parties involved without fear of uncertainty. Include the dates you will be gone, the expectations for your sitter, and a waiver of liability.
  4. Leave vet’s numbers, emergency contacts, farrier’s numbers or any other service that could be required. As much as you don’t want any of these to be needed, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  5. Give them any keys or gate openers when you meet the first time. There have been times when clients forget their openers and a dog door is the only way in. Making sure they have keys to get in beforehand is a relief off of everyone’s shoulders. 
  6. While on vacation, be easy to reach. It is always a comfort when the client is available for any questions or concerns. In the end, you know your horses best and could answer any abnormalities about their behaviors or eating habits. If you are going to be out of service, direct them to someone else who could answer questions.

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