Horses live life for the moment. They enjoy grass when it’s available, sleep when they need to, and form meaningful relationships with those around them. Sounds like they got life all figured out! It seems people could learn a little bit by just watching a horse. Don’t be surprised if you learn these life lessons while at the barn!

1. Get dirty: Let your hair loose and get some mud under your fingernails. Horses enjoy a good roll and are not afraid of getting a little muddy. You shouldn’t be either!

2. Cherish each meal: Take time to enjoy the food you eat. Slow down and taste it! Your horse is all about their food. They live to eat. I’ve never seen a happier horse than one that has been let out on spring grass for the first time that year. Everything is just so yummy!

3. Know where you fit in: Your horse knows their place in the herd. They may test the waters and throw their weight around every once in a while, but life is too short to be in a constant power struggle. It’s okay to be a follower, unless you were born to be a leader. Find your place in the world and be content.

4. Learn to say no: When your horse is uncertain of something they put the breaks on. If it’s too much too soon, your horse isn’t afraid to refuse. Even if you have to let people down, it’s okay to stand up for yourself by saying no.

5. Make friends for life: Horses depend on each other. They put their lives in the hands of the herd. By trusting one another, they get to relax and enjoy their surroundings more. Don’t be afraid to make meaningful relationships!

Maybe it’s time to be a student in your horse’s classroom…