Photo courtesy of @uptown_vaquera on Instagram……

Christmas is right around the corner! Why decorate with a regular Christmas tree when you can decorate with a cactus Christmas tree!? Yes, a cactus tree! It’s made for cowgirls! 

Uptown Vaquera explains how she creates her tree every year! 

“Step 1. Get/cut pvc and fittings. You can build any shape height you want. There’s no wrong way.

Step 2: secure with pipe glue and spray paint white pipe whatever color you intend to wrap with. Ex: I painted my green because I wrapped mine with faux Fraser garland.

Step 3: wrap garland tightly and use hot glue every other wrap to keep in in place.

Step 4: light it up.

Step 5: you will need a base, my husband being a welder, made me a heavy duty metal pipe stand to set inside with a baseplate bottom because this boy is heavy duty and 8’ tall. I’ve seen smaller versions inside cute pots with filler!” 

You can even add these Western ornaments to your cowboy Christmas tree!