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The female stars of Stagecoach, and country music for that matter, are a tour de force! We had the pleasure of chatting with Laci Kaye Booth and Lindsay Ell at the festival last weekend to talk about the power of country women and being a figure of empowerment.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in country music that has such an impact on women?

Laci – It means the world to be a woman of country because that’s what I’ve looked up to my whole entire life. That’s what inspires me and to think that maybe one day I can inspire others to be a woman in country music just makes my life.

Lindsay – I think that female artists right now are writing some of the best songs I’ve seen in a long time and I think that female singer-songwriters have always have something to say. I think you find female artists who are so prolific because we have to sharpen that pencil so well. As a songwriter myself, I feel like I’m writing from a place of the most vulnerability that I’ve ever had.

Being a role model for young women, how does that inspire your music?

Laci – It inspires my music in a lot of ways. I feel like there’s a lot of vulnerability in writing country songs. It’s so important to me to always be vulnerable and honest in my music and I think that is what’s going to go a long way with being a role model for young women.

Lindsay – I remember the artists who would inspire me growing up like Shania and Sheryl Crow. As female artists they found a unique place to stand in a spot of saying what they mean while being sexy, while being poised, while being confident. It’s a very fine line but they do it so well. If I could take even a half of that space and rise up to that bar then I feel like I’m doing my job.

How does it feel to be performing live music after the past two years?

Laci – It feels wild and amazing to be performing live music. I feel like everyone’s ready to party and ready to be here and listen. It’s just the most amazing feeling because I’ve been singing to a computer for two years, and now I get to sing to people. It’s amazing.

Lindsay – It feels so good. There will never be a moment where I will take anything for granted. Not like I took my job for granted before, but right now it just feels so good to be here and to see real humans in the audience. It was amazing being able to do so much virtual stuff during the pandemic, but the fact that we can be back at live shows again and festivals, it feels so good. If we’ve learned anything over the past couple years, it’s don’t take the present moment for granted and also you can’t replace live events.

Both ladies have a busy tour schedule that you don’t want to miss!

Laci’s schedule

Lindsay’s schedule