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The love between a cowgirl and her animal friends is unbreakable.

Whatever furry friends you have in your life, we’re sure you love them and think of them often. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take them with you everywhere?

While you might not be able to take your pet on each of your adventures, you can bring along special tokens that remind you of them and make your time apart still filled with love.

Lisa Welch makes themed jewelry for pet owners, featuring cat, dog, and horse designs. Elements that remind the wearer of each animal are thoughtfully made into bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.

Pet-themed jewelry is perfect for those that miss their pets when they’re away, or those who just those who like carrying a piece of their beloved animal with them. Feeling connected to your pet can be as easy as looking at your wrist with these jewelry pieces.

The brand also features The Eternity Collection, comprised of pet memorial jewelry. Pieces from The Eternity Collection include pendants that open up to be filled with ashes, fur, hair, or other mementos from your special friend.

These are some of our favorite pieces from Lisa Welch’s collections:

Western Stirrup Earrings, $225.
Bone on Disc Cufflinks, $270.
Bit Necklace, $360.
Wrapping Paw Ring, $150.
Horseshoe and Bit Pendant, $270.
Paw Link Bracelet, $585.
Three pendants from The Eternity Collection.

If you can’t find just the right accessory from her existing items, Lisa also does custom orders so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

A piece of jewelry from Lisa Welch Designs makes for the perfect gift, but we don’t blame you if you get something for yourself, too.

All photos from Lisa Welch Designs.