You may be familiar with the mouthwash, Listerine. It’s a powerful antiseptic that kills germs and bad breath. Did you know it’s also helpful around the barn? It can even be used directly on your horse! Listerine is affordable and easy to find, which makes it very practical to use. You won’t believe how helpful it can be!

Use the amber/brown kind!

1. Rain rot and scratches

2. Itchy tails and manes

3. Eliminates dandruff

4. Cleaning and disinfecting water/feed buckets

5. Disinfecting bits

6. Spray around the barn to keep flies away

7. Apply directly onto horse as a fly repellent

8. Removes bot fly eggs

9. Gets rid of lice

10. Homemade liniment

In many cases, straight Listerine is fine to use. Most people like to mix it with baby oil, as Listerine tends to dry out the skin and hair. It can be mixed at a 50:50 ratio. You can also dilute the Listerine to make it last longer.

Always test out a small spot on your horse before your spray it over their entire body. This way you can identify if they have a reaction. Make sure to contact your vet with concerns.

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