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Little Buster Toys was founded in 2008, in Southwest Missouri, with the idea that kids want realistic farm toys. The founders of Little Buster Toys got busy designing the most realistic and durable toys in the marketplace, that replicate the true agricultural lifestyle.These toys were created to allow the children to play with toys that represent a farming, ranching, or rodeo lifestyle. Little Buster Toys is known for their heavy-duty steel construction in their equipment line as well as high quality plastic animals.

“On May 31, 2017 Little Buster Toys became under the new ownership of Heath and Lisa Rickman. Our shared passion for the industry and love of our agricultural lifestyle is why we are so excited to be able to create and sell toys to share with your families. As the new owners, we are committed to continuing to deliver the same high quality and durable toys that you have come to love and expect.” -Little Buster Toys

These working pens are so life-like!

Check out this awesome bull wagon!

Looks a heck of a lot like the Easely that her daddy might pull!

They even have animals specific to each breed!