Live foaling camera

Live foaling camera

The miracle of a foal being born is something worth seeing! Little Hooves and Cascadia has set up a live foaling camera so that viewers from around the globe can watch the special moment a horse makes its entrance into the world. The cam is on 24/7 365 days of the year from Washington state, USA. Catch all the action!

The stalls are rotated so the mares closest to foaling are shown. The farm specializes in two rare breeds, the Suffolk Punch and the Caspian. They also have Miniature horses.

Most of the time, the mares are just relaxing in their stalls and eating hay, but it’s worth the wait to see one give birth. The live stream describes symptoms the mares are having, such as waxing, shifting their weight, and rubbing their nose. It also shows the number of days they have been pregnant.

At any given moment, there could be hundreds of viewers watching. The chat feature allows you to connect with others and talk about what the mare is doing.

See what’s happening below: