Horse Companions

No one likes to see their horse lonely. They can become depressed and even, in some cases, stop eating. If it’s not possible for you to own more than one horse, don’t worry! Companions can come in all different shapes and sizes. Add some fun to your barn by selecting one of these more unusual friends for your horse!

1. Goat: These cute critters make the perfect companions for a lonely horse. There’s so many different types to choose from too! Why not get a dairy goat? You’ll have a free milk source! Some goats produce mohair that can be spun into yarn. Most are playful and entertaining to watch.

2. Donkey: They aren’t that different from your horse. In fact, donkeys are part of the equine family. They make amazing herd predators! Not to mention, they’re humorous and filled with personality.

3. Llama or Alpaca: While most are on the more standoffish side, they can provide comfort to a lonely horse. Similar to donkeys, they are great at protecting the herd.

4. Cow: It’s common to see horses and cows in the same field. They often get along just fine. If you get a dairy cow, you’ll receive the added bonus of farm fresh milk.

5. Dog: There are plenty of wonderful farm dogs out there. Breeds like the Great Pyrenees, Blue Heeler, and Australian Shepherd are excellent around livestock.

It doesn’t stop there! Many have reported their horse becoming friends with sheep, pigs, chicken, cats, and other barn animals. What’s your experience with mixing the herd up?