Diamond in the Rough, $108

Have you ever noticed one of those women that has fifty different pieces of jewelry on and still looks freakin’ fantastic? She might make a metal detector explode, but you still find yourself thinking, “if I tried that, I’d look like a poorly decorated Christmas tree.” But that’s not the case. You just need the right tools! Start with a simple, long necklace and just work your way up. Layering shorter pieces all the way up to your neck. Make each one shorter than the next. It’s best to keep it simple, but there are no rules! Rules are for sticklers and we certainly don’t condone that kind of behavior around here.

These beauties will make a statement, while still keeping it simple enough to layer away! 

Rebel Feather Necklace, $44

Turquoise Tassel Necklace, $98

The Dreamer, $131

High Ball Stunner Necklace, $48

Headin Out West, $148

The Bardot Silver Bolo Tie Necklace, $120

Turquoise Indian Head by Pink Panache, $46.95