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Riding the lope doesn’t have to be difficult for you or your horse. With the right advice, you can improve how you ride and handle this gait. Gain control and be the best rider you can be with Craig Cameron’s help!

Craig Cameron is a professional rider and trainer. Through clinics around the United States and videos, he offers his advice on how to ride correctly. He specializes in young horses and reining.

Achieve Your Dream Lope

First, start with the right attitude! Always come into each ride with a positive mindset. Be prepared to help yourself. Don’t be afraid to grab the horn for balance.

How do you sit the lope? Craig suggests that you talk to yourself. Throughout the ride, continuously remind yourself to improve your position. He says to himself… roll those hips, look where you’re going, get your feet under you, shoulders back. He even recommends grabbing the horn with one hand and the back of your saddle seat with the other. This can help you find your balance.


Watch the video below for more tips from Craig Cameron on the lope:

Be patient with yourself and in no time you’ll be riding with confidence and zeal!

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