Loretta Lynn Queen Country Music Cowgirl Magazine
Loretta Lynn circa 1975. Photo by Henry Horenstein.

If you ask almost anyone who the biggest country music legends are, most people will include Loretta Lynn on their list.

While many people have their own ideas about who the queen of country music is, in my mind, the queen of this music genre will always be Loretta Lynn; scroll below to find out why!

1) Loretta understands about true hardships; she grew up in the rugged country which gives her more perspective and extra depth in the songs she sings.

2) Several of the best songs in country music history are Loretta’s. You’re Lookin’ at Country or Coal Miner’s Daughter anyone?

3) Loretta has her own fashion style that is iconic. As a woman who grew up poor, Loretta decided to dress extravagantly when she finally had the chance.

4) She’s an inspiration to all, as she tirelessly worked hard to achieve her dreams. Loretta did not have anything handed to her, and had no major connections to anyone in the music industry. The Lynn family actually traveled to different radio stations begging them to play one of Loretta’s songs; that’s dedication!

5) Highly talented and musically inclined, Loretta is not just a talented singer, but also a gifted guitar player.

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