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Ladies, I get it! Just because you spend your afternoons covered in mud and horse hair doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best for your night out on the town. If you want to fit into that little black dress, don’t fret! You can lose weight right at the barn just by riding your horse. Follow these tips to drop the pounds fast.

Change Up Your Riding

If you’re an avid equestrian, your body is probably already conditioned to the type of riding you do. The same muscles have been used for so long that there is little effect. You need to step away from your regular riding and push yourself in a new way.

Try these suggestions:

  • Standing in the stirrups at the walk or trot
  • Riding a pretend bicycle in the saddle
  • Holding your legs off the saddle for an extended period
  • Sitting the trot
  • Riding bareback
  • Taking a vaulting lesson

Even more important than engaging in different exercises is riding with an independent seat. That means having a tight core and staying balanced and stable.

Fuel Your Body

You won’t achieve anything by severely limiting your food intake. If you want to lose weight from riding, than you need to prepare your body before you even climb in the saddle.

How much do you eat throughout the day?

Try eating smaller meals every three to four hours. Lean proteins will give you the energy you need both in the saddle and afterwards. A protein-filled snack 30 minutes after you ride will keep you charged.

Other Tips

Try working out 15-20 minutes before you ride. You’ll warm up your body and get your heart rate up. Everything in the saddle will go toward losing weight.

Riding isn’t the only thing you can do around the barn to slim down. Get creative! Extra long grooming sessions, cleaning stalls, sweeping, and jogging with your horse in-hand are also great ideas.

Hey cowgirls, you can do this! Prepare ahead and have fun.