The Lusitano horse breed is known for its noble character and willingness to please. These eye-catching animals are both powerful and majestic! While they have existed for centuries, most people know very little about them. Use this opportunity to learn some fascinating facts about the incredible Lusitano breed.

1. The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Cave paintings in the Escoural Caves of Alentejo date this breed back to 1700BC. They’re the original Iberian horse from Spain and Portugal. Eventually, the Spanish colonists brought them to the Americas.

2. In Portugal, the Lusitano is known for their ability in the bullring. During these bullfights, the horse must dodge the horns of the bull. Only the best of the breed are selected!

3. A famous physical trait known to this breed is their sub-convex profile, also known as a Roman nose. This characteristic is passed down genetically.

4. They come in nearly all solid colors. This includes bay, gray, black, palomino, chestnut, perlino, dun, etc… Previously, spotted Lusitanos existed; however, they would be consider very rare nowadays. Around 80% of the breed is gray.

5. The Lusitano horse got its name from Lusitanian, a region in the Iberian Peninsula named by the Romans. This would be the place that connects Spain and Portugal together in modern times.

How interesting is this breed! These noble horses deserve your attention. They perform well in a variety of disciplines and can be considered adult and child mounts.

They are closely related to the Andalusian horse. Read more about this breed: 5 Fun Facts About The Andalusian Horse!