Some horse owners really know how to do it up! Their barns are nicer than most houses. Oh wait, some of them even have living accommodations! That means the horses and barn staff are living a more luxurious life than most. When you have a few extra dollars to spend, and a huge love for horses, this is what happens:

PC: B & D Builders.

This gem is gorgeous on the inside and out. Featuring eight large stalls, the barn is 96’L by 26’W. Head up the stairs for a comfortable sitting area or to watch over the horses in their stalls.

PC: Pinterest.

The pillars and lighting make this barn feel elegant. The rubber flooring is also very practical. I love the fine touches of brick and the large window in the front.

PC: Pinterest.

If you love all things bright and airy, then here’s your golden ticket! From the cobblestone flooring to the wooden ceiling, how nice is this place? I could set up camp, what about you?

PC: Pinterest.

Rustic barns can be luxurious too! The darker wood with unique décor make this barn feel western. Huge stalls, fans, and large windows are definitely bonuses.

It’s nice to dream about what your barn would look like if you had unlimited funds. What would be on your wishlist? Large stalls, skylights, good flooring, living accommodations…? Comment and let me know!