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Macartney Reinhardt‘s “Old Country Song” sounds anything but old! The country newcomer brings powerhouse vocals, a soulful, bluesy twang, and lyrics that come straight from the heart. She drew inspiration from the wide array of country songs that end in divorce, cheating, and breakups.

“Old Country Song” came to be when Macartney was in a relationship of her own. “I thought about how this situation was like the same stories that play out time after time in some of my favorite old country songs. That things were amazing in the beginning, and then everything ultimately falls apart,” she recalls.

Old country music does a great job portraying love and loss, and this single represents exactly that. Macartney didn’t want her relationship to end the way George, Tammy, or Merle had a way of illustrating. But, while good things may end, better things come to light. She says, “Sometimes we have relationships and we think it’s going to be great – but unfortunately we can’t control the outcome and it ends up playing out like an “Old Country Song”. This is when we learn, grow, and enjoy life and good country music!”

Listen to “Old Country Song” here!

The recording of the song created an amazing memory for Macartney. “It was really cool tracking vocals in the same vocal booth and on the same mic where Darius Rucker recorded the #1 Hit “Beers and Sunshine”. Another fun fact is that my producer is also Darius Rucker’s keyboard and acoustic guitar player.”

She’s already got her next single in the works, so keep your eyes and ears open come December or January! She is also excited to perform in a string of live shows throughout the Southeast.

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