Horse bits and spurs with turquoise
Photo courtesy of @madcowcompany on Instagram……

Located in southern Arizona, The Mad Cow Company brings an updated Southwestern influence to their many unique pieces, which include spurs, bits, cinch buckles, and more! Cowgirls in any discipline are sure to stand out with one of these pieces.

These custom cinch buckles are sure to dress up any saddle. These would also make great year-end awards!

Although these buckles don’t have any gemstones, they’ll still catch anyone’s eye at the rodeo.

What about some saddle conchos? Here are some floral ones to match your new cinch buckles.

Spurs and bits are typically designed for function over fashion, but they take both to the next level by adorning them with different gemstones.

Rocked Out Turquoise Stirrups, $310,

Still wanting more? We know we are! Check out these turquoise stirrups.

Safe to say these gorgeous pieces are sure to spice up any tack collection and will turn heads amongst any riders. Want to amp up your own wardrobe? They also offer jewelry!