Mad Cow Company is Mad Talented!

In a world full of unoriginal jewelry designers, Mad Cow Company is a breath of fresh air. Each piece has a cowgirl flair all its own that you won’t find anywhere else. Mad Cow Company designer, Amy Smith, is clearly inspired by the western way of life, but it’s not the same boring old crap you’ll see at every rodeo trade show! Her use of clever quotes, beautiful stones and badassery combine to make jewelry and tack that everyone will ask you about. That’s right, MCC isn’t just a jewelry designer. Check out her huge selection of hand crafted spurs and bits. They are just as fancified as her jewels! 

Oh and we can’t forget the best part. Mad Cow Company accepts custom orders! So if you’re cookin’ up something radical in that pretty little head of yours, now’s the time to make that dream a reality! Email for inquiries! If you just want to shop around her pre made items, visit

Square Cross Necklaces, $90

Now you are faced with a serious decision. Keep Mad Cow Company all to yourself or spread the love! The choice is yours!

Arrow Earrings, $75

Three Stone Cigar Bands, $80

Square Turquoise Cuffs, $120

Buffalo Boy Concho Necklace, $90

Sheridan Flower Earrings, $50

Team Roper Ring, $80

Longhorn Cuffs, $110

Peso Necklaces, $80

Arrow Rings, $80

Engraved Feather Cuff, $120

Howl at the Moon Necklace, $120

Skull Concho Earrings, $75

Brass Sunflower Ring, $60

Turquoise Thunderbird Necklace, $90