The country duo brought in a guest for their latest track. Dierks Bentley, Maddie Marlow, and Taylor Dye collaborated on ballad “Lay Here With Me,” released October 17th.

In the song, the three sing about the tears and “sleeping on the couch nights” of a relationship, while reminiscing of the happy times of days past. “Lay Here With Me” perfectly describes the feeling of wanting to hold onto a relationship that is no longer good, and the internal turmoil that brings.

Dierks Bentley and Maddie & Tae both shared the same smiling black-and-white to celebrate the release, each post with a meaningful caption.


Just one day after the release of “Lay Here With Me,” Maddie & Tae dropped their newest album, Everywhere I’m Goin’. Keep your ears open for more new music from the album, but don’t forget about Maddie & Tae’s best hits.