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The country duo is made up of Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye, two rising stars in the music industry, having almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 600,000 followers on Instagram. With so many supporting fans behind them, Maddie & Tae were able to release their highly-anticipated EP, One Heart To Another.

Their fans have waited anxiously for this EP, and are undoubtedly excited about the five songs it features. One Heart To Another takes listeners on a tour of friendship, love, and redemption, and is praised overall for its honesty. Music Row had had quite positive comments about the EP, calling track “Tourist In This Town” full of “spunk, vocal verve and tempo.”

One Heart To Another‘s tracks already had momentum before the collection was released together. One of their newest hits, “Die From A Broken Heart,” has 36 million streams.

One Heart To Another by Maddie & Tae.

Even with all the attention their tracks are getting, Maddie & Tae don’t let their success go to their heads. Maddie says, “The amount of gratitude I feel towards our fans is indescribable. We’ve waited four long years to release new music, and so have they. This EP is not only a collection of songs to us, but a reminder that dedication, passion, and perseverance always pays off. This feels so surreal, and it’s only the beginning.”

Tae’s comments about the EP are equally as touching. “This collection of songs is our unfiltered story and we’re so proud to tell it. Over the past couple of years we’ve experienced love, pain, redemption and everything in between. And we wouldn’t change a thing.”

To get a taste of the EP, check out Maddie & Tae’s music video for the opening track “Friends Don’t.”

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