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Maddie & Tae in the "Die From A Broken Heart" music video.……

If your heart has ever been broken, Maddie & Tae’s new music video will hit you deep. The lyrics to the heartbreak ballad “Die From A Broken Heart” are emotional enough, but the video takes the song to another level.

Maddie Marlow narrates as Taylor Dye takes on the role of a heartbroken heroine dealing with the trauma of a breakup. Dye and male lead Ricardo Hoyos (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Bumblebee) show the downfall of a once beautiful relationship.

“We knew that with a song like ‘Die From A Broken Heart,’ the music video needed to come from that same vulnerability and that’s exactly what we did,” Taylor Dye shared. “We went back and forth with our director Carlos Ruiz for weeks just trying to make sure we had all the tools to make this story come to life. This music video was healing for me and I hope it plays a part in someone else’s healing as well.”

Maddie Marlow loved working with Ruiz on the video. “Carlos was the best director to collaborate with on this video. He really listened to our vision and what we wanted this video to look and feel like,” she said. “Carlos came up with the bones of the treatment and we filled in the details with what inspired ‘Die From a Broken Heart.’ My goal was to tell the story as honestly as possible and make people feel for either the one with her heart broken or for the best friend having to watch her go through it. Tae was so vulnerable and did an amazing job acting out her story. I’m so proud of her for going there fully, so that others can connect. Of all the videos we’ve created, ‘Die From a Broken Heart’ is the one I’m most proud of making.”

After you’ve dried your tears, be sure to check out the rest of Maddie & Tae’s 2019 EP, One Heart To Another.