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In case you weren’t aware, Madison Cheeatow plays Jade Verani on Heartland. What’s not to love about this rebellious character? It doesn’t get cooler than being a female bronc rider. This rodeo star lives her life in the fast lane and isn’t afraid to get wild! Let’s see how Jade compares to her actress, Madison.

Who’s Madison Cheeatow?

Madison is a Canadian actress born on November 9, 1993. She is best known for her role on the family drama, but has also appeared in a variety of other films. She is married and has two children.

Before the series, Madison hadn’t ridden much in the past. She did receive riding lessons in order to play Jade. Nowadays, she rides occasionally and has even been out to Alicia’s barn a few times.

When not filming, Madison enjoys spending time at home. She describes herself as a homebody. You can catch her writing or loving on her pets (a dog, cat, and snake).

In comparison to Jade, Madison says she’s much closer to her family. She’s definitely not as impulsive and rebellious. She did learn to be more courageous thanks to playing this character.

Heartland is such a great series filled with amazing actors! Do you agree?