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Magnesium has an important function in your horse’s body. It’s a major mineral in bones with 60% being found in the skeleton. Many have recognized its ability to calm horses. It can also be beneficial to those that are obese or at risk for laminitis. It’s essential you thoroughly research magnesium before supplementing your horse with it.

Benefits of Magnesium

  1. Eases muscle tremors, tension, and tightness.
  2. It can be used as a mood stabilizer to reduce excitement and irritability.
  3. It allows cells to respond better to insulin, which can be helpful for those that are overweight.
  4. Maintains proper muscle function by working with calcium. It also allows your horse to absorb calcium easier.
  5. Helps with fat distribution, such as a cresty neck and fatty pockets.
  6. Prevents laminitis in horses.
  7. Magnesium has a performance boosting effect.
  8. Improves your horse’s ability to handle stress.
  9. Relaxes intestinal muscles during a colic episode.
  10. Improves hoof health by reducing stone bruises and soreness.

Horses can experience magnesium deficiency and toxicity. It’s important you work with an equine nutritionist to ensure your horse receives the proper amount in their diet. Some tell-tale signs your horse is deficient include muscle tremors, anxiety, fatigue, teeth grinding, and increased perspiration. You should definitely look into supplementing if your horse experiences those symptoms.