Chicken and waffles make the perfect weekend meal. There is a local restaurant in Los Angeles that serves up chicken waffles everyday with a line out the door. If I have the patience, I’ll wait in line on a weekend. But you don’t have to go out to get this delicious meal, make them at home! I found these tasty recipes on Pinterest that will leave you drooling.

Chicken-fried venison, waffles, and Serrano honey will tantalize your taste buds. And yes, this dish is actually made with venison instead of chicken – chicken fried refers to the type of batter used and the technique. The combination of sweet and spicy will be a crowd pleaser.

Recipe and photo by Jess Pryles.

Cajun fried chicken and waffles are made with cajun seasoning and placed on top of soft and fluffy waffles.

Recipe and photo by Ev’s Eats.