If you want to give your significant other something to chuckle about on Valentine’s Day, then these funny Valentine’s Day cards are a must. They’re sarcastic, quirky, funny and cute. So, if you’re feeling a little awkward or unsure about what kind of card to get your cowboy, these are sure to lighten the mood!
Valley Cruise Press Love U Rose Pin + Card
But will they? Seriously. This Bachelor-themed card is more than appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Give it to your cowboy or even your best friend! She may get the reference a little bit more. Urban Outfitters, $14.
ASHKAHN Ur Amazing Card
Keep things simple this Valentine’s Day. If you think your crush is amazing, that’s all you have to say. Simply put, right? Urban Outfitters, $6 or 2 for $10.


In Love With Me Greeting Card
If your partner can’t just find the right words to say to you this Valentine’s Day, then say it for them with this Valentine’s Day card. Because, it really isn’t your fault is it? Betches, $7.


You’re My Everything Bagel Card
Who doesn’t love an everything bagel? Tell your Valentine that they’re the most with this Valentine’s Day greeting card. Paper Source, $7.


My Side, Your Side Card
This Valentine’s Day card is perfect for when you want to tell him how much having the most space in the closet means to you. Etsy, $4.


You Suck Less Than Most People Card
This Valentine’s Day card is perfect for when you’re not at the “I love you” stage, but you’re not trying to completely ignore Valentine’s Day together either. It’s funny and honest. Etsy, $3.


You’re Lucky To Have Me Card
For when you just want to speak the truth, right? The vice-versa at the bottom is just the funny cherry on top of this sarcastically-funny Valentine’s Day card. But, let’s be honest, your Valentine is the lucky one! Etsy, $4.