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Vacation is all about having fun and making memories! With spring in the air, you’re probably planning your summer getaway. Add Cherokee Park Ranch to your list! This dude ranch has activities for the whole family to enjoy. Oh and lots of horseback riding!

Cherokee Park Ranch is an all-inclusive dude ranch vacation tucked in the Rocky Mountains of Livermore, Colorado. It’s family-owned and has been in operation since 1886. 86% of guests are returning vacationers!

They have over 130 Quarter Horses! It doesn’t matter what your experience level is there’s a horse for you.

There are half-day and all-day rides, so those that like to be in the saddle can actually be in it! You can also pick your speed for the day.

For those that like to fish, this dude ranch has you covered! You can also hike, soak in the hot tub, get a massage, or go on a boat ride. There are so many activities to enjoy.

In the evening, get cozy by a blazing fire. S’mores are on the menu!

How charming is this cabin! You’re in for a real wilderness treat.

You can find more information about reservations and rates on their website- Cherokee Park Ranch.