We know it can be a little trying to keep up with all the latest hair trends and what they’re about, which is why we’re delving into the difference between the two most popular and latest hair trends: Balayage and the Sombre. Find out the difference between the two, what they look like, and if either of these could serve as your new summer ‘do!

What is balayage?

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Balayage is the technique of highlighting hair by painting on color to create a graduated and natural looking effect. It has a more natural look compared to ombre highlights and it doesn’t have the stripe effect that you can sometimes receive with foil highlights because it doesn’t reach the root of the hair. It’s also meant for color that’s going to be just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color because it is painted on and doesn’t require heat from foil. Balayage is best for someone who wants low maintenance highlights that are natural looking yet still give your hair a brighter look.

What is Sombre?

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If you’re not into the drastic look that the ombre hair trend can take on, but still want that graduated dark to light effect, then the sombre is something to consider. Sombre is a “soft ombre.” It gives your hair an ombre effect that is natural and almost sun-kissed looking. It’s another low maintenance hair trend that plays up the lighter tones of your hair. Again, this is another method where the color is painted on but instead of small pieces used for highlighting like balayage, almost all of your hair (if not all of it) is colored.

The difference between Balayage and Sombre 

These hair trends are ideal for summer as it brightens up the ends of hair and when it grows out, it still looks completely natural. If you’re looking for just a small change to lighten your look, then Balayage is ideal as it is only natural looking highlights. But if you want all of your hair to look lightened up at the ends, then the sombre is perfect as it will give you a lighter effect all around with a graduated color that is also natural without being a dramatic change.