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Cowgirl Hotlist

Photo courtesy of All For Fashion Design Whether you’re in need of a spring hair change or struggling with whether to go blonde or brown, we’re here to help you make an easy hair decision; go bronde. What’s bronde? Glad you asked. Bronde is a combination of blonde and brunette. It’s a little of a both. Sometimes it include going a little blonder than darker, with a little brunette mixed in. And sometimes it includes going a little more brunette than blonde. Either way, you get the best of both worlds! This hair color is perfect for those cowgirls who can’t make up their minds on whether they want to go dark or light for spring. Still a little unsure about this mane hair color trend? Take a scroll through some of our favorite bronde looks that are perfect for spring and summer! In our opinion, bronde’s have more fun!   Photo courtesy of Pinterest Is it brown? Is it blonde? It’s bronde!   Photo courtesy of College Times Loving these long, wavy, bronde locks!   Photo courtesy of Sheerluxe Soft bronde. Slightly more brunette than blonde.   Photo courtesy of Behind The Chair Beachy bronde! Photo courtesy of Pinterest Sunny Bronde   Photo courtesy of Sheerluxe Perfectly Bronde