It’s easy to get stagnant with the same hair color and same hairstyle over the years. Sometimes it makes a huge difference to change it up and try something new. Whether you’re a risky lady looking to have fun with her hair or in a hair rut, these hair color trends are sure to bring a new form of playfulness to your life.

All Over Lilac Colored Hair

Photo via Pinterest

Celebrities like Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne have favored this hair trend and while their has taken on another color of the rainbow, this is still a hot color to go for. Lilac is still feminine yet edgy.

The Ombre Rainbow

Photo via Pinterest

If you’re looking to take your ombre up a notch, this is a fun way to turn the tables. This pastel ombre is in the form of flattering colors, what’s not to like?

The Rainbow Effect

Photo via Pinterest

We remember when Lauren Conrad posted this photo to her Instagram, right? It was hard to believe the straight-laced reality TV celeb would try such an elaborate hair trend out. It became all the rage shortly after. Peek-a-boo colors like this at the ends are another great way to experiment with color.

Pink Hair

Photo via The Girls With Glasses

Rachel McAdams was another celebrity to take to this trend with peekaboo highlights of pink in her blonde hair. But this is a more updated version of how light pink is worn today. It looks best in blonde hair due to the lightness of it.

Rose Gold Hair 

Photo via Pinterest

If you’re looking for a hair color that’s still playful, but not as loud then rose gold may be your match. It’s soft and romantic, while still having that fun factor.

Dark Blue and Black Hair

Photo via Pinterest

Black hair with a blue tint is very edgy and has a sexy vibe to it. It’s an easy to achieve this if you already have very dark hair.