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Before you know it, the manure pile on your horse property is stacked high and overflowing. The average horse produces more than eight tons of waste per year. That doesn’t even include the dirty bedding. You’ll need a plan to handle all of that mess!

3 Strategies for Manure Piles

  1. Compost

When you compost your horse’s manure, you’re helping it to break down into usable fertilizer. Many smaller farms create three bins. The first holds the fresh stall waste, the second is in the middle stage and the last is the finished product.

You’ll need to maintain an ideal temperature, oxygen level, moisture and carbon/nitrogen ratio. Depending on your climate, this can include adding water, covering with a tarp, turning the piles with a tractor and adjusting the bedding you use.

2. Take it off the property

Whether through giving it away or a dumpster service, getting your manure off the property is another good option. Your local farmer or neighbor may be interested in taking your horse manure. You’ll need a tractor to load it in most cases though.

There are also dumpster companies that will leave a container and return every two weeks or so. You should expect to pay a fee for this. Folks with less land and close neighbors will need to consider this option though.

3. Spread it

You’ll need land, a spreader and tractor or 4-wheeler. It’s simple enough once you have the right equipment. You can load up your spreader with fresh manure and take it directly to your field. Be sure to spread it thinly! You’ll want to avoid winter and soggy ground.

Depending on your herd size and resources, you may find one way easier than the other.