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Maren Morris and Annie Clements have a lot in common; both stellar artists, both gorgeous, and both moms-to-be! Morris and Clements shared the same photo on Instagram of their baby bumps, discussing Annie’s pregnancy in the most girl-power way possible. “I love that we’ll get to experience this new-mom-on-the-road life together,” wrote Morris. “I know there are so many women who feel like they have to choose between being a touring musician + starting a family. I never wanted my people to choose. I think it’s a great conversation to have if you’re an artist who employs women. So let’s shred for 90 minutes and then go rock these babes to sleep on the bus with a glass of wine.” If you weren’t already in love with the moms-to-be, check out Annie Clements’ gender reveal post. On Sunday, Annie Clements revealed her baby to be a girl, saying, “2020 is going to be a special year for our family.” Maren Morris and Annie Clements as moms-to-be on tour is a huge power move. Nothing like powerful ladies takin’ care of business! Keep up with Morris and Clements on their websites ( and to see when they’re touring!