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Photos courtesy of @marenmorris Instagram……

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Photos courtesy of @marenmorris Instagram.
We already love Maren Morris as an artist, so it’s no surprise that we love her as a bride, too! Judging by Maren’s Instagram, we can only imagine what life was like in the week’s leading up to her wedding! The woman has a way with words. Her music is magical, so there’s no telling how amazing the wedding vows were! Ah, the first kiss as husband and wife! Such a perfect and dreamy moment. There’s not a soul on this planet that could pull off this dress quite like Maren. That blue suit is quite striking too, sir! Have you ever just fallen in love with someone’s vibe? These two seem like such a fun-loving couple! Here’s to your forever! Want more weddings? Catch Kacey Musgraves’ here!