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Maren Morris’ music video for “The Bones” released today. The song is yet another jam from her second studio album, GIRL.

Think 1970’s love on a beach and you’ll have the vibes of this video down pat. The grainy texture, muted colors, and vintage fashions give the music video an old-time-summer feel that we can’t get enough of.

What’s even better is the authenticity. No actors in sight; the video is a compilation of romantic clips of Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd vacationing together. Props to director Alex Ferrari.

“When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter.”

As Morris explains in a Vevo interview, “The Bones” came about when songwriter Laura Veltz brought the title to Morris one day in Nashville.

“She’s always good at bringing stuff like that to the table, and it’s always, like, a weird title,” Morris says of Laura. “So that’s why she and I get along so well is I’m willing to get weird, but she also knows how to make it so sentimental and real-life.”

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The song continued to develop as Morris, Veltz, and fellow writer Jimmy Robbins reflected on their present love lives. “We just started talking about how gracious we were about our relationships at the time and I was really feeling so solidified in my relationship with my then fiancé and now husband,” says Morris. “[Laura] was feeling so amazing with her marriage and her children, and Jimmy just found out that his wife was pregnant… It was just that we were so solid with our partners.”

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