Cowgirl - Mares

While every horse is unique, and it’s hard to say all mares are this or all geldings do that, most horse owners do have a preference between the two genders. When it’s time to go horse shopping, you’ll probably want to try out a few of each gender. The average rider won’t want a stallion. So, the debate continues, which is better…mares or geldings?


  • They have the ultimate level of loyalty. If you own a mare, she more than likely has bonded with just you. Most develop close relationships with their riders and handlers. They seem to be indifferent to all other people.
  • Mares are usually more sensitive compared to geldings. They like to work together in a team, rather than be dominated or pushed around.
  • This sensitivity can make them extra temperamental though. They’re sassy and unpredictable at times.
  • When a mare goes into heat, you never know what to expect. Some riders avoid their horses during that time of the month because they are difficult to handle.


  • Geldings are known for being steady and reliable. They make great lesson horses because day in and day out they maintain a consistent attitude and behavior.
  • They are forgiving and work well with beginners. Most geldings forgive and forget rider errors easily. They don’t throw a huge fit when asked something in a wrong way.
  • Your gelding won’t be as concerned with winning your affection. He won’t bond with you as closely. Instead, he’ll be friendly to everyone.

These generalizations are not true for every mare or gelding, but you might find many that are. Share your experiences with each gender! Do you have a favorite?