WESA brings together members of the Western industry from far and wide to see the latest and greatest styles coming to stores in 2023. Spoiler alert – there are SO MANY amazing products coming out this year, it’ll make your head spin! Among the attendees were Western influencers who were tasked with choosing their favorite items, and fan-fave content creator Marijka Hunsaker did not disappoint with her choices!

Amongst her product highlights, she unveiled her very own boot collaboration with Lane Boots. We chatted with Marijka about her signature boot and fashion in spring 2023.

COWGIRL: Tell us about your boot! What inspired the design? 
The older I get the more I love the color pink, especially baby pink. I do not think there are enough pink cowboy boot options out there and I wanted to create one that could fit anyone’s taste, older or younger. When I was thinking of a boot design, I knew I wanted a tall shaft, and traditional cowboy stitch. I didn’t want to stray too far from the Lane look either, so having received a black pair of the “Smokeshow” earlier that year, we decided to use that boot but in a new color, pink! 

COWGIRL: What do you love about Lane boots?
I love the people behind Lane Boots. I was hired to model their boots 2 years ago and that’s when I realized it wasn’t some huge corporation – Lane is a small business. I got to meet the head designer, the social media manager, the creative director and the in-house photographer. I got to see visions on a paper turn to real life photographs. I gained an appreciation for those who help Lane, be Lane! Not to mention their boots are timeless, functional and comfortable, but it’s really cool to know the people behind the name too!

COWGIRL: Tell us how you would style your boot! 
My boot will launch sometime this spring and if blush pink isn’t the official color of spring… I don’t know what color is! So in my head, I am picturing a white eyelet dress, with a woven basket bag, wildrag tied on for details, and blush pink jewelry. Very springy, wholesome, and classic! 

COWGIRL: Since you went with pink, can you give us insight on how big the color will be in 2023?
I believe color is in for 2023, so it is a perfect time to be launching a pink boot! Everything we have been seeing for spring and fall of 2023 is COLOR and bold colors at that. If you are more of a neutral person, this pink won’t be too loud for you. If you are more of a bold and bright person, this color is just another shade to wear! 

COWGIRL: What is your favorite upcoming spring 2023 trend?
I am looking forward to so many trends coming this spring, it is hard to just name one, so let me name a few; Denim, in all of its variations. Color, who doesn’t love some happy tones after a long winter? Maxi length, give me all the things long and flowy. 

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see this collaboration hit retail shelves this spring! Get more of Marijka on her Instagram here.