Marta Josey

The incredible story of Martha Josey isn’t one you want to miss! This barrel racing legend changed rodeo history. She’s a professional barrel racer with numerous titles from the National Finals Rodeo, Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, and National Barrel Horse Association. From a near career-ending accident to world titles, her story is filled with adventure, loss, and a lot of cowgirl determination.

Early in life, Martha had a love for horses. Her father was one of the first directors for the American Quarter Horse Association. He died when she was only 10 years old. Fortunately, her mother kept one of the family’s horses, CeBe Reed. While in her teens, she became inspired to turn this gelding into a barrel racing horse.

Together, CeBe Reed and Martha had 52 consecutive wins. They competed in the National Finals Rodeo and earned $3,421 in prize money in 1969. She claims this horse allowed her to go pro and quit her day job.

In 1988, Martha suffered a serious accident while at a rodeo in Austin, Texas. She had two skull fractures, a broken pelvis, a punctured lung, and broken ribs. Doctors didn’t think she’d ever walk again. Not only did she prove them wrong, but she continued competing professionally.

Martha and her husband reside in Texas on Josey Ranch. They train and market barrel racing and roping horses. She claims to have assisted over 80,000 students in clinics and ranch competitions. Martha also has written books, recorded several videos, and has been featured in magazines.

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