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Photo by: Johansen Krause……

In case you didn’t know, Martha Stewart is a passionate animal lover. She has a variety of house and barn pets, including her Friesians. Martha has been an avid rider for a number of years. She has a beautiful stone barn and lush pastures. Her breed of choice is the Friesian. Their beauty and impressive nature make them dreamy!

Martha & Her Friesian Horses

Everyone needs to take time to go on a leisurely trail ride every once in a while.

Friesians are known for their dark black coat, leg feathers, and lush mane and tail.

This breed of horse is incredibly versatile. They can be seen in the dressage arena, on the trails, and even pulling carriages.

Most of them have a sweet nature and strong work ethic.

Occasionally, Martha Stewart talks about her horses on her blog. She offers grooming tips and more!