Mary Chapin Carpenter’s newest album “The Dirt And The Stars” is out now. Photo courtesy MaryC…

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s newest album The Dirt And The Stars is out now. The five-time Grammy-winner released this, her 15th album, as a personal ode and reflection on life challenges especially in these uncertain times.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. She has over 15 million albums sold and 5 Grammy awards (from 15 nominations). Mary is also the recipient of two CMA and ACM awards. She is a pioneer in female country music and continues to be an inspiration through thick and thin. 

The Dirt And The Stars

Mary took the time to write this collection of all new material at her rural Virginia farmhouse. The Dirt And The Stars’ 11 songs ponder experiences, life’s wisdom and advocates for self exploration. Of the music, Carpenter shares, “The writer Margaret Renkl once said, ‘We are all in the process of becoming.’ That doesn’t stop at a certain age. To be always a student of art and music and life, as she says, that, to me, is what makes life worth living. It’s certainly what makes me want to still write songs. No sugar coating, the songs are very personal and they’re difficult in some ways, and definitely come from places of pain and self-illumination, but also places of joy, discovery and the rewards of self- knowledge. They arrived from looking outward as much as inward, speaking to life changes, growing older, politics, compassion, #metoo, heartbreak, empathy, the power of memory, time and place. So, I suppose I could say there are many themes, but they all come back to that initial idea that we are all constantly ‘becoming’ through art and expression.” 

The Dirt And The Stars Track List:
1. Farther Along And Further In
2. It’s Ok To Be Sad
3. All Broken Hearts Break Differently
4. Old D-35
5. American Stooge
6. Where The Beauty Is
7. Nocturne
8. Secret Keepers
9. Asking For A Friend
10. Everybody’s Got Something
11. Between The Dirt And The Stars

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Mary Chapin Carpenter. Photo courtesy

“One Story with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sarah Kay”

In conjunction with the brand new album, Mary Chapin Carpenter also released a new podcast. “One Story with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sarah Kay” is three part series. The podcast features Mary and poet Sarah Kay talking about Mary Chapin Carpenter’s incredible career and new album. They discuss the road to recording “The Dirt And The Stars,” the songs on the new album and Mary’s career. The podcasts debuted at #1 music interview podcast in the United States. Furthermore, the podcast debut at #1 in the U.K.

Listen to “One Story with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sarah Kay” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.