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The love story of Matt West and Megan Richards is definitely a favorite not only in the western industry, but of all time.

“After meeting Matt on Instagram (if you don’t know the story, check out the Matt West Now Podcast for all the details on how, when and why we ever met) we talked long distance for months before ever meeting in person. 

“I was a full-time cop in the process of buying a house, working my side hustle as an online boutique owner, and watering my roots deep in the Colorado ground. 

“I was content with the little life I was building for myself in Colorado. 

“Enter God’s plan here:

“After casually chatting with Matt for months long distance, it worked out that while I was in Texas visiting family, he had a rare weekend off and was home in Oklahoma. We decided to take a leap and meet up in person. And by leap, I mean, I ran a full history on him and chose a very public place with cameras, daylight, and of course brought my gun to meet him for the first time (safety first). 

“But as soon as we hugged, it was OVER. Honestly, as soon as we touched, I knew what they mean when they say “when you know, you know.”

“It was NOT at all what I was looking for and really not what I wanted because Delaware, Oklahoma is nowhere near Florence, Colorado and I was content with how things were going for me. 

“After that day in April, things were kind of a blur. 

“Trading miles for minutes, catching flights to random cities to spend as much time as we could together. 

“On a much too familiar trip to the Tulsa airport in October 2019, Matt randomly blurts out, “Sell your house and move to Oklahoma with me.”

“That next Monday my house was on the market and a week later was under contract. 

“I resigned from my full-time job, packed my house, horse and dogs and moved to Oklahoma in November of 2019. 

“To some I know this sounds fast and reckless, but I had ZERO doubts and knew this was the man God was preparing me for. 

“Less than a year later on a chilly October afternoon in the pasture behind our home during a family photo shoot, Matt asked me to be his wife.

“While taking these pictures the photographer asked me to hold a frame and told me that it was a blank canvas that she would later photoshop our brand on or our favorite quote. Not thinking twice, I stood there and held the frame. A few shots later she asked me to turn the frame over and look at it. When I turned it over, instead of a blank canvas, I saw a picture of my sweet Granny. I immediately recognized it and knew it was from the last time I had seen her, a quick stop in Colorado on our way to Montana earlier in September. It seemed like forever, but I finally noticed my sweet Granny was holding a ring box in her hand in the photo. About that time, I turned around and saw Matt on one knee behind me. 

“Through the tears all Matt could say was “She said it was okay” knowing that my sweet Granny’s permission was important to me. 

“In a little over a year Matt & I met, dated, moved in together, and got engaged. 

“This was not our timing, but God’s. 

“I have prayed for this man and I am so blessed to have been patient and trusted God’s timing in preparing me and bringing me the man He had planned for me.”

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