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Not much is known about Matthew McConaughey‘s future role in the Yellowstone universe, but he’s already receiving advice before he saddles up for the upcoming sequel. Piper Perabo, who plays Summer Higgins, is sizing up the veteran actor before he takes to the Yellowstone stage.

In short, Matthew McConaughey has some big boots to fill. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Perabo says the Texan “could be good in the Yellowstone world.” But she also raises this key question: Can the man ride a horse? And can he do so to the level that leading Yellowstone‘s future will require?

“This is what I gotta say, he better be a good rider because Taylor Sheridan is a great cowboy. But if you don’t know how to ride, I don’t know if cowboy schools [are] gonna get you up to Yellowstone level. You better come in with some experience,” Perabo offers. And she’s right. “He lives in Texas, he understands the cowboy lifestyle.”

It’s well-known that Dutton patriarch Kevin Costner lives the Western life off set. Aside from starring in Westerns for four decades now, he also owns a 160-acre ranch in Colorado. The show’s creator Taylor Sheridan also comes from a Western background, and is a ranch owner. And we can’t forget Forrie J. Smith and the rest of the cast that are real-life cowboys!

Taking a deep-dive into McConaughey’s history reveals his level of experience. He told VANITY FAIR back in 2013 that most of his horseback experience has been in movies. “And that’s fun, because you get to go train for months, and you get to be a pretty good horse rider,” he told VF at the time. “I wouldn’t call myself a cowboy riding a horse, but I’m pretty O.K. on horses.”

“If you’ve ridden before, you get back on it and after an hour, so, it’s like riding a bike,” he said in an E! interview as well. But McConaughey was honest, saying he “had to take lessons a few times a week for two months to prepare.”

One thing is for certain: before he saddles up to take over television’s most popular show, chances are he’ll be on one of Sheridan’s horses for the famous Cowboy Camp.