All photos courtesy of @westdesperado Instagram……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

All photos courtesy of @westdesperado Instagram.
Maxi skirts are definitely a statement piece when it comes to wardrobe and apparel. One thing I’ve discovered though is that most women might only own one or two because “if you have one, you have them all.” Yet, these same women might own dozens of pairs of denim blue jeans! Maxi skirts make a frequent appearance in the West Desperado Shaley Ham’s photoshoots and events, and she styles them all so differently! You would never think to compare one outfit to another because it is “too similar.” Create a dreamy and mysterious look with a darker color palette. This skirt is a little different! It’s still a maxi, but it’s sheer! Such a fun look! Create a dramatic look that will turn heads at a special event. This slitted maxi is spring and summer friendly! It will keep you cool and looking cute in those warm colors. This one is just shy of being a maxi, but still needed to be included! That velvet is unmatchable. Let’s up the drama one more time! Here’s where you can have fun! This look incorporates a little bit of everything. Who wouldn’t want to rock a sequin maxi? You can dress them up or dress them down for a semi-casual look with a graphic tee. All of these looks were created with essentially the same type of piece of apparel, yet they are all so different! Get creative and have fun with your wardrobe! You can do the same thing with bell bottoms. Photos are courtesy of West Desperado on Instagram. Individual photography credits can be found in her captions.