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“With all the craziness in the world these days, honestly I wasn’t surprised that experienced a tornado in Central Oregon,” wrote Natalie McFarland, founder of McFarland Productions, on Instagram.

Culver, Oregon and nearby areas were hit with a tornado on Sunday, which caused a great deal of damage to several homes. This region of Oregon is rarely faced with such weather, making this a rare and significant event.

Natalie McFarland and McFarland Productions photographer Ashley Kendall snapped photos with their cell phones as the tornado passed where the pair was shooting. Natalie reports that the Oregon tornado was essentially right on top of them; “Since we were in it, there was no getting a shot of the tornado in its entirety,” she explained.

“Come what may, McFPro will outlast, outlive, out-achieve, overcome, resist, grow in the face of uncertainty, disbelief, shock, tragedy,” Natalie continued on Facebook. “We are resilient as the western and ag industries are. We are Cowgirls; in the not-ruined-by-Hollywood sense of the word. So we’ll take this year; day by day, by pandemic, by tornado, by job loss, by job gain, by win, by loss, by excellence, by failure.”

According to Culver News Channel 21 (KTVZ), 30 distribution poles and nine transmission poles either fell or were damaged, along with General Electric’s local 500-kilovolt transmission equipment. Some reports say that a large number of homes received damage, as well.

Cleanup and power restoration efforts have begun in Culver as the community comes together for the cause.

Natalie McFarland and Ashley Kendall were unharmed in the Oregon tornado.