mcintire saddlery new line hat cap cowgirl magazine

mcintire saddlery new line hat cap cowgirl magazine spring

Spring is an amazing time of year! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, school’s almost out, and you can’t forget about all the new spring fashions! Miranda McIntire has stolen our hearts from the very beginning, so I always look forward to seeing what new stuff she comes out with each and every season.

Miranda’s caps can be seen everywhere nowadays. You won’t want to miss all her new styles!

She paired the Yellow Rose of Texas with LEOPARD. I’m sold!

This will match absolutely ev-er-y-thing. Everything! It’s all neutral tones and turquoise, which, of course, goes with all things under the sun!

Feeling a little sassy and want to get away from the neutral tones for a day? If Elle Woods was a cowgirl, I think she would LOVE this cap!

I sure am a sucker for classic Wyoming florals!

This buffalo hat features turquoise tooling. Need I say more?

Searching for other products besides a hat? Wax melts have a special place in my heart. Especially when they’re scents that I can not find anywhere else!

Need to carry that smell-good aroma with you in your car? No problem! She’s got all sorts of new scents now!

I LOVE this braid wrap! It adds a cool twist to a simple hairstyle.