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Everyone wants their wedding day to be one of a kind—everything they have dreamed of plus more! Adding these unique ideas that you don’t see at every wedding will make your big day memorable for not only you, but your guests, too!

Have a video booth

This would be such a fun thing for your family/friends to be able to leave you a meaningful video message for you and your new husband or wife. Also these would be so neat to keep and watch years after your wedding day!

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Signs > Flowers

Not a huge flower person? No problem!! These super cute signs would be a great substitution for flowers down the isle!

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Meaningful Table Numbers

At most weddings, table numbers aren’t something that are given too much thought. Rather than table numbers based on the standard numerical system, use numbers that represent a special date for you and your significant other.

For example, instead of your table numbers being 1-10, they might be 3, 24, 18, etc. Those days could represent the day you met, your first date, or the day you got engaged. This is just another way to add a special touch to your big day!

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The Wedding Shoe Game

Add a little humor to your wedding with The Wedding Shoe Game! This is perfect way to show your love and affection with your husband/wife. Hold the game at your reception or at an after party to entertain your guests.

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Photo Guest Book

There is always a guest book for people to sign at a wedding, but why not change it up a bit? When you sign your name in this book, you also take a picture on a Polaroid camera and stick it in the book next to your name! Such a cool idea.

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Your wedding doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s! Switch things up with decorations and activities that are specific to you and your future spouse. Make it a a day to remember!