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Not everyone is blessed enough to say that they love what they do quite like McKenzie Merrill of Kenzington Media. Kenzington Media is a company that creates media content as well as manages social media outlets for the Western industry. Their company is designed to build an organic and authentic relationship between them and their customers through the social mediums.

McKenzie and her two siblings were groomed from a young age to have a deep love for horses. “I always say that all three of us learned how to ride before we learned how to walk,” says Merrill. Mckenzie grew up on a large breeding operation in Purcell, Oklahoma. Her family’s stallion station Windward Stud stood racing sires of both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. 

Kenzington Media today is a growing company that has multiple people on board to create media campaigns for companies of all types in the Western world. “We have a talented staff of 10 ladies all with a Western background, including graphic designers, website developers, photographers, social media managers, and content creators,” says Merrill. 

Being your own boss comes in handy for McKenzie Merrill, as she is still a competitor in the arena and her job enables her to do that with ease. “My true passion is competing in the cutting and cow horse, specifically Futurity, and Aged Event horses,” says Merrill. 

Kenzington Media isn’t just for the use of horse trainers and Stallion owners, “We do, retail stores, stallion marketing, realtors, horse trainers, and many more. Essentially we are able to serve many different industries,” says Merrill.